Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ars Poetica

Ars Poetica

 Lines, rhymes, stanzas and breaks

Meters, pentameters, verses and


Most importantly words

Create an image the poet is trying to portray.

Poets pour their life, hopes, dreams and experiences onto paper

And people read and interpret what they see.

Even though it may not be what they are supposed to see.

Poems are open ended

They are filled with emotion

But every person lives a different life

And that emotion can be taken in any direction.

Poetry is up to the reader

The poet gives a foundation for readers to start with

The real power behind the poem is up to them.

Poetry can be fun and upbeat like Doctor Seuss

Or filled with despair and sorrow like Edgar Allan Poe.

There is a poem for every mood and moment

Because it all depends on you.

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